ENLIGHTENMENTYou can get there from here

And just where is here?  Good question.  I’ve thought that question, most of my life.

Until only recently, here was anyplace other than where I was.  In other words,  I was mostly uncomfortable and felt that, tomorrow would be better.

Or there would be happier.  It was usually always in the future, that things were better.

Some remember the glory days of high school and for them here is then.

High school was mainly hell for me, so I never confuse here with there.

And college?  The wonders of being away from home, of dorm life or fraternal life.  Also hell.

How about marriage?  Many I know relive and weep over their lost marriage or partner.  Not me.  Get me out of here was my refrain.  Something I did with not much planning, three times.

Logically one should start near the beginning, weaving through ones life, pointing out how important in retrospect this was or that was.  Yet, does a life really work that way?

It seems to me instead you find yourself wherever you are and you hurl yourself into some pretended future or some embellished past.