I confess.  No, nothing deep and dark but something rather odd for me.  I watch Oprah.

NOT everyday mind you and definitely not when there are gruesome exposes or stuff that just is way off the radar for me.

I got interested in watching her a couple years ago when she featured Eckhart Tolle and his book A New Earth.  She promoted his book on her show, made it a best seller (of course) AND had a 10 week online class.

Having read his book years ago as well as The Power of Now, before becoming a buddhist, I was curious to see how Oprah would work with Eckhart.

Anyway — that’s not the point of this blog entry.

The point is — well, as my sister has said teasing me — “If I ever want you to do something, I’ll just get Oprah to talk about it.”  My sister had been hounding me for about a year NOT to drive while talking on my cell phone, regardless if I was hands free.  She cited studies and accident reports.

Watching Oprah’s show about this completely made me a believer.  I now plan my phone calls differently and stop taking the lazy way and catching up with friends when I’m bored driving into town.  A 25 minute trip each way.

But NOW — the best shift for me.  I’ve decided to stop truly once and for all – eating meat, fish, eggs and dairy.  I’ve been a quasi-vegetarian for years.  Almost never eat red meat.  Occasional fish.

But, since I’m not a cook at all — I simply graze at the kitchen counter and eat a ton of cheese.

Which has made those 20 pounds I gained when I quit smoking 5 years ago — almost impossible to lose.

So — this is day 4.  So far so good.  I feel good.  Not down to my fighting weight yet but I’m betting I will be.

AND perhaps the best part, no lives were lost so that I could eat.

Oprah had Alicia Silverstone on – pitching her new book – The Kind Diet.  I bought it and a few other vegan books.

(and I’m hoping that Oprah at some point DOES do the expose so many of us wonder about — Oprah is a genius with regard to timing – I think she’s just waiting for the exact right moment or former member who will tip this completely over the edge).

I like to dream big.