Diamonds.  That’s what all of us are.  Rare, in spite of our increasing numbers.  Brilliant, in spite of our insistence on ignorance.  Luminous, in spite of most often being obscure.

Now if we could actually see just how brilliant we are, just how clear we are and just how luminous we are, I guess we’d be enlightened.

These diamond like qualities are the nature of our mind.  That nature is always there, but it’s clouded over.  Just like the clouds block the sun.  And yet, the sun is always there.

It’s so simple really and yet for countless ages we’ve been burying our heads in the sand unable to see.  We’ve been caught up in the endless and non forgiving ranting of our own minds that simply spin and spin like a hamster wheel.

My problems seem so real and so vast.  But bit by bit they’ve been fading into the distance as I learn that mostly it’s the spinning of my mind that keeps these problems alive and well.  That if I am able to rest quietly and not get all attached to the stories, attached to my pain and suffering, the pain and suffering does dissipate.

Even the most virulent of emotions, my two favorites being jealousy and anger, tend to wear themselves out as long as I don’t repeat over and over or add to the stories of how I’ve been wronged or deceived.

Sometimes it just seems so easy.  I see it all so clearly.  I feel I’m just next door to enlightenment.

And then I go shopping.  And the clerk gives me that teen-aged smirk and as I get righteously indignant and snap at her and embarrass myself at my own behavior, I realize that enlightenment isn’t yet next door.