1. This was posted by me on another blog:

    Well !!! One thing for sure Marty – you know how to keep stirring the pot.

    (not calling it a kettle, mind you :)

    I think I saw it on FB but I LOVE this quote: “Life begins at the OTHER side of your comfort zone.”

    The trick is to SEE what is your comfort zone, to SEE how one has weaved his/her life into a PATTERN of acceptable easily CONFRONTABLE parts, and then to have the courage to SOMEHOW step over all of that …

    It’s not easy. It’s not fun and it’s too often never done. But because it’s not done often, we have those who call themselves “scientologists” “independents” or “ex’s” or “buddhists” or “husbands” or “wives” or “friends” or “lovers” … all labels … all comfortable in some way and all ultimately
    a recipe for suffering.

    (this comment was is prompted by the earlier remark about cognitive dissonance — )

    I’ve found the less I expect my life to “work” the less suffering I do.

    IMHO what Marty is attempting to point out through his blog, through his comments and through his book(s) is that IF we are to have a joyful life, we need to NOT embrace extremes. In fact, I would take it one small step further — embrace (cling to) nothing, recognizing that there is nothing permanent no matter how good/bad/neutral you might be.

    The ONLY thing permanent is not OF this physical world.

    You can call it you, theta, buddhanature, zen mind, the way …

    And once you call it any of those – it’s now become part of this world and thus duality arises again and off you go :)